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More than just a workout

A union of game changers

Say goodbye to the predictable, the soulless, and the humdrum. Different means better, diverse and inspired all coming from one group heading in one direction. A collective of like minded individuals wanting a new training experience. A group thinking of perfect environment and workouts that work, spliced together so we sweat harder, we hurt as one and we achieve more. Welcome to TRIB3, a bootcamp gymnasium concept where we savour the pain.

An experience, not a contract

No memberships or contracts - we want sweatbands, not handcuffs - so our doors are open to anyone who wants it as much as us. Just drop in and pay for as little or as much as you like.


Dedicated and experienced. That's how we describe our boys and girls. And, they've all been there and bought the sweat soaked t-shirt so they know exactly how hard to push before you hit the wall.


Lower Body

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Upper Body

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Full Body

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