The best way to explain how I got here is how it began! I Started my journey at a young age always been very active and trying new sports/fitness activities from swimming to football. When I hit teenage years, I grew a real love for combat sports; Brazilian jujitsu in particular, then leading on to rugby. Been really motivated to be successful in sports and the discipline I learned from them gave me a serious passion when it came to health and fitness.  


I managed to pick up a contract with a Rugby League team Sheffield Eagles at the age of 16, rugby and fitness became my life for the next few years as I wanted to make it a career. Unfortunately, my body just was not up to the task and was constantly tested due to injuries resulting in several operations on my shoulders and knees etc. I decided to give my sport up (which believe me was hard) when my consultant told me if I injure my shoulder again there would be nothing to salvage (already 2 tendons torn and 6 pins inside). I concentrated on my studies at university and gained some international science coaching experience in Dubai and Qatar along the way. Channelling my focus into Health/Nutrition/Physical activity/Psychology etc. resulting in a BSc Sport and Exercise Science degree and catching the lifting “bug” for good.  


After Graduating university, I did a range of jobs including; security, site management, call centre work and even factory labour all in the meantime of trying to train and join the Parachute regiment as an officer in the armed forces. This was always my plan from a young age until realising my potential at rugby and decided to immerse myself in the sport. Unfortunately for me again my previous rugby injuries ensured I failed my second medical test and was rejected from joining! Causing me to seriously revaluate where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there in the future. 


After what felt like stumbling through jobs and career paths, the penny finally dropped and I decided to complete my personal training and fitness instructing qualifications. I loved training, I loved helping and educating so why would I not do this every day for a living! I have never looked back since, I love what I do and my passion for the industry is only getting stronger. I’m always trying new things and learning driving for success in clients/customers/business and importantly myself. I have big plans for the future including; physique competing, further business ventures and much more.