Well...what a day TRIB3 GAMES 2018 was! Full of sweat, pain and most of all FUN! 


The teams had 4 gurling rounds to get through, each round counted towards their final result. The rounds pushed the competitors to their limits, testing them on speed, strength, staminia and their mind set. What more can you ask for on a Sunday morning! 


The team that came out on top was the team of Sophie, Ben and Dan!

Second place was the team of Jess, Harriet and Holly!

Third place was the team of James, Tom and James!


We were joined by Veloce Fresco Pop Up Pizzas, SHED, Vitality and Jamie Murphy (sports massage - for the day to ensure our members were fed well, feeling lose and refulled for the upcoming rounds. 



Check out a review from TRIB3 member and TRIB3 GAMER Debbie Bell...

"TRIB3 Games 2018 my goodness you didn’t disappoint!!
From beginning to end it was an amazing experience! 
To see all our Elite Trainers together in one studio was awesome!! Who knew we had so many!! And what a fantastic job they did putting on the event.
Then to see all the competitors in their teams nervously waiting for our instructions brought the anticipation and excitement to another level!!!
The event was a real test of fitness, determination, character and pure grit to try and do the best for your team. Watching everyone give their absolute all was overwhelming to watch.
My overriding memory of the day was the incredible camaraderie amongst the competitors with every team cheering, encouraging and supporting the next team whether you were winning or whether they were your rivals!!!
I came away that day with so many new friends who I probably would never had met had it not been for The Games, and yes it really is ‘the taking part ‘ that matters.
TRIB3 is more than a community, anyone who was there that day will testify that TRIB3 is a family. If anyone is considering taking part in 2019 all I would say is DO IT!!"


The atmosphere was off the scale from the TRIB3 team and the competitors, a HUGE WELL DONE to everyone involved!  As you can see, the TRIB3 GAMES 2018 was a day to remember for all! Make sure you do not miss out on next year, get those teams together is NEVER too early to start preparing!