TRIB3 strives to be the best in the business and recently, TRIB3 worked with researchers at Sheffield Hallam University to better understanding the effects of TRIB3 on its members. 


The effects of TRIB3 on untrained healthy adults

This research looked at the effect of an 8 week TRIB3 training programme on physical and mental health outcomes in healthy adults. 17 healthy adults who had not exercised regularly for at least 6 months volunteered to take part. Some participants went to TRIB3 for training and others went to an alternative gym to do their own training programme for 8 weeks. 

Participants were given a MYZONE belt to track their training session frequency, intensity and duration and were asked to complete at least 24 and no more than 28 sessions during the 8 week programme. 

Before the training programme, researchers carried out assessments on all participants to test aerobic fitness, body composition, mental wellbeing and exercise motivation. After the training programme the assessments were carried out again and change over time in outcomes were analysed. TRIB3 was compared to the alternative gym training to explore any differences in outcomes.

Key findings for TRIB3

  • Over the 8 weeks, people going to TRIB3 trained more often than those going to an alternative gym. 
  • After 8 weeks of TRIB3, overall mental wellbeing improved and mental wellbeing scores went from below the national average to above average.
  • Small yet positive changes were found in body composition, but there was little overall change in body composition. Significant changes usually require diet modification, but we did not change diet or monitor energy intake or expenditure. 
  • The reductions in diastolic blood pressure and resting heart rate we found after 8 weeks of TRIB3 would be considered clinically meaningful for overall health.
  • Although we did not find change in participants' VO2 max after 8 weeks of TRIB3, we observed that participants were able to perform the fitness test at a higher intensity for longer, suggesting that they had improved their ability to sustain high intensity effort for longer periods of time. 
  • Before the training programme we measure peoples’ motives for exercise and afterwards we measured what they thought they’d actually gained from exercise. Before the training programme, many people were motivated by weight loss and appearance only, but after TRIB3 they gained more in the way of strength and endurance, social support, enjoyment and revitalisation. This shows there’s sometimes more to gain than you think!  
  • Individual case studies show that people experienced positive changes to body weight and fat mass that could be clinically meaningful if training continued for a longer period of time. 


TRIB3 Success Stories



  • This is the first research to explore the physical and mental changes that can occur when training at TRIB3.
  • The changes that occurred suggest that over a longer period of training, TRIB3 could have a meaningful impact on physical and mental health - especially body composition, blood pressure and mental wellbeing. 


What sets TRIB3 aside from the rest?

In a follow-up survey, we asked TRIB3 participants about their experience. The most common changes reported by TRIB3 participants were:

  • Feeling happier
  • Feeling fitter, stronger or faster
  • Feeling more confident in their ability to exercise regularly
  • Feeling good about themselves
  • Enjoying exercise

The most enjoyable things about TRIB3 were:

  • The atmosphere
  • The people who work there
  • The people who train there

I really enjoyed leading this research study because it really demonstrates how TRIB3 is more than just a workout. Ok, we didn’t find much overall change in physical health outcomes, but for me it was great seeing the psychological change in people after 8 weeks of TRIB3. I saw people transform from nervous, hesitant exercisers to confident people enjoying exercise for the first time, proud to have completed 8 weeks of regular exercise and feeling more comfortable with their body. For some individuals, TRIB3 has opened doors to a healthier overall lifestyle, and that feels pretty rewarding. A few weeks after the research study I had this message from one of the participants:

"The study has been really helpful for me. I've been doing TRIB3 weekly, my partner joined too and I'm going to do a half marathon in October! Thanks for the kick-start."


TRIB3…more than just a workout

Special thanks go to the people involved in this research, some of which have become TRIB3 regulars as a result of this research!

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